Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man..That new Raphael Saadiq joint

I really can't say much but, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!! Possibly one of the best releases I've heard in a long while. There is allot of re-vamped soul/funk coming out (mainly coined Gordy-Stax-Invictus influences) This is pretty true to that era(and there are quite a few era's he picks from too). That "Oh Girl" track has been on constant rotation. Has that Delfonics/Temptations vibe. Just solid and the production is excellent.Nice to hear songs that have actual feeling & influence from an era where love songs were songs! Ballads man,Ballads!!!!!Beautiful over-dubs of duets in the background, reminds me of later Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man" s/t.The harmonizing is to a tee & very well composed as a whole.

Allot of guest appearances including Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Joss Stone and plenty of other folks.

Have a peep and hope this is some incentive to go and purchase.

Much Peace and Respect,

Oh Girl

Never Give You Up (w/ Stevie Wonder)

100 Yard Dash

Staying In Love


That Jay-Z remix is pretty fresh too.
Oh Girl (Remix w/ Jay-Z)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tape Files #3) Hieroglyphics Crew

HA...The early days of the Hiero Imperium.I am not going to front.Back in those days(and still do), I used every bit of access I could to get new music.(and online was a good...and also bad way of getting new stuff).Almost every other week, I spent my weekends in The Bay(S.F.),East Bay(Oakland & Berkley) and Other surrounding cities looking for new music. Mainly found myself in the East Bay, Used to go to Leopold's,Rasputin's,Amoeba's and all the cats dirt hustling(Mainly in those days on Telegraph, you'd see all the Hobo,Psytoplasim and Mystic cats out there)and I'd spend most of my checks there and whatever(at the time) to the guys slanging their product, fun times.

Anyways, back to my main subject, Hiero..I had so many 3rd to 4th generation copies of all their unreleased material and It would bug me to hear that hiss.As much as I can stand the hiss and the low-fi, there comes a time, where you just want to hear the song(s), clearly. So hearing that they were rumored to release these recordings,I was just looking forward to when!!I got two copies when it came out.I recently got a sealed cassette from my homie Kye(again, word up homie!).They never came with any cover.Just a blank clear case, the tape said "Hiero Oldies" and a page typed with all the songs in order (who,what year,etc and a brief synopsis).I was just happy to hear "Cab Fare"(but it was not the version I had from back in the day, but a remixed and new version of it), "Can I Kill Em" and the "Souls of Mischief" self titled track (made famous from the ever so killer first Plan-B Skate video).Thanks again to the Hiero crew for putting these track out for all to enjoy and also thanks for putting that Atban Klan tape up for sale too(which is another post in the near future)

So I present to you, in it's entire form (from the tape) is, Hiero Oldies Vol #1. So sit back and listen to the whole 86:24 of it!


Hiero Oldies Vol #1

1)Cab Fare (95 Remix)
2)Me-O-Mi-O (Domino Remix)
4)Let It Ride
5)Can I Kill'em?
6)Souls Of Mischief
7)Where They At?
8)Crazy Del Song w/ Beyond the Cloak of Darkness
9)Weak Shit
10)Can U Feel It?
11)It Get's No Better
12)Our Secret
13)Untitled Del Song
14)Souls Of Mischief On WKCR,NY(STretch & Bobbito Show) 92'
15)Captain America
16)Batting Practice(Orig. Version)
17)Feeling The Flow
18)Whta Do You Say?
20)Reckless w/ Hush
21)Chaos & Turmoil

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awkward : When Gravity Fails (us release)

This is Matt Fryer. Known as "Awkward". Matt's a homie & fellow crew member (well, mastermind) of the Vertebrae Crew.

This is the cassette release that I passed out to people and put in some shops.The response on the tape was actually really overwhelming and had an excellent response(considering most pass on it, cause it's not from the states). I only made 30 to 50 copies of the tape (mainly passed to friends and folks at shows).It is composed of a couple releases he did back in the U.K.(Bristol) and some other non-released 4-track songs.He was nice enough to let me just re-dub these tracks I had on Mini-disc(Which I recovered awhile back, but the disc was "corrupted") Damn!!!!

I did not even have a personal copy till recently (Thanks Kye) I gave him the first tape out of the batch back then and was nice enough to give it back.

In an age where people really don't sample much anymore.It's pretty comforting to hear this tape again. There is power in this music. Rough ass drums, dirty ass samples and tough lyrics to compliment.

All production was the man himself except for the last track (and I apologize to Steve aka Sir Beans O.B.E.) That was my bad not to credit you on the cover back then.

I hope you enjoy it and here it is in it's entirety.

Awkward:When Gravity Fails (U.S. Release)

Track List,
5,000 Corpses
Midnight Sun
Human (Feat. Fono-Veins)
Loop & Fade
Last Breath (Robotman)
We Like Scratching (Feat. D-Swift)
So Anyways (Feat. Marshy & Fono Veins)
When Gravity Fails
Diss Feast
The Freestyle Song
Here 2 Interfere
Vertebrae Pt. 1 (Feat.Rola of Numskulls)
**Focus ('98) Feat. Sir Beans O.B.E.

Produced, Scratched & Rhymed by Awkward
(Except "**" By Sir Beans O.B.E.)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sounds of the Library : A small look and listen into the soundscapes of the public domain.

We'll probably agree that most library records (which I'm sure most of you know) are a good 80% maybe 90%, crap. But considering the main use for these records, it's was for commercial and public domain use so it's a feasible excuse. Also it was a good way for aspiring film producers,directors, advertisers or whoever to use for movies,PSA,Commercials,etc.Then, making it cheap and with out having to hire some one like John Williams, Lalo Schifrin, or random studio band, etc. All these "lame" songs served a purpose and more than likely, were all used. A small set fee for all..nice!

But this type of music will forever remain under as the "One Tracker" genre. One thing I find fascinating about this music that you have the major players like Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Nick Ingman, Janko Nilovic and countless of other composers, making this really well composed pieces of music. Tracks ranging from anywhere from 30 seconds to over 5 minutes.
It can be as lounge/exotic as Martin Denny, as soulful as E,W & F and as raw as Food(the psych group).

Below are some tracks I posted on the "Strut" to glorify and give justice to this genre. Love or Hate, these are some of my favorite tracks below.I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Much Peace and Respect,

(Note...I forgot to edit out the first 25 seconds of the Andy Loore track. But, it starts over again:)

Santany-Trama Nella Metropoli

The Heaven Blues-Sweet Mornings

Piero Umiliani-Suoni Della Citta

Janko Nilovic-Shaking Pop.

Clive Hicks-On The Wild Side

Sam Fonteyn-Freakout

David Lindup-Action Stations

Raymond Guiot-Basse Duetting

John Hawksworth-This Way Up

Bob Donovan-Luau Cookout


Andy Loore(a.k.a. Janko Nilovic)-Mixed Drums

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live Human

Live Human is a trio consisting of Albert Mathias on drums, Andrew Kushin on bass and DJ Quest on the scratch and samplers. I remember picking up their debut, Live Human feat. D.J. Quest (Cosmic Records) in 1997 and bugging out on how their sound was developed, yet very raw. It remains my favorite of all their work and every time I see a copy, I pick it up to hook a friend up. Live Human Live (Hip Hop Slam) is a very close second to the debut, in which the trio are caught on the last leg of a tour and turn in a performance which is pure fire. They also have two studio albums, Monostereosis and Elefish Jellyphant, and while both are very dope, the groups name really indicates how best to hear them. After seeing them live on a number of occasions, it's always refreshing that no two shows ever sounded identical. There's no question that Quest is a very underrated DJ/producer (along with his Bullet Proof brethren) who's skill mixed with bugged ideas always produce dope and unique results. Check 'em out!
Live Human Halloween 2006

Live Human - Lost in the Woods (Cosmic Records, 1997)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Extra Prolific

Snupe and Mike G's debut as Extra Prolific, "Like It Should Be", received a luke-warm welcome in 1994, most likely due to the fact that their sound did not entirely conform to what the hip-hop buying public had come to expect from members of Hieroglyphics. I really dug the album though, as Snupe's slick flow over the laid back production meshed well. When "2 for 15" was available online in 1996 (for about a month!), I snatched a copy and it still gets some serious play. Snupe's style and range as an emcee really came out on the album.

While it's a shame that it never got a proper release, Snupe went on to release two more tape-only drops, the album"Masterpiece" and the ep "From Block to Block", both in 1998. Neither match the level of "2 for 15", although each have tracks which Snupe shines on. The ep has Mike G sharing mic duties and features a guest appearance from Pep Love on "Hitting Corners." For your listening pleasure, here is "Security Please" from "Block to Block."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tape Files #2)....Freestyle Fellowship

First Ellay Khule, now this!(Don't HATE!!!!)Oddly enough, was really surprised I still had this (though it was lost). Also on this tape some other Pro-Blowed Material I've never seen released or re-recorded(but that's another post). These cats were pretty much hands down one of my favorite crews. Very original as far as Concept, Structure & Style. You name it, they seemed always on top of it. This recording is actually from The WRFG 89.3 on your FM dial (Well..Atlanta, GA)
It's from the ever infamous "Panther Power Hour" Show.

It's an interview, But none that you've probably ever heard before. Q and A Style. Freestyle Fellowship, responds back rhyming. Questions ranging from their influences, B-Boy culture, The "L.A.Four" situation (The kids involved with beating Reginald Denny during the "Rodney King-L.A. Riots") and other various questions. This was recorded in 1993.

Pretty clever and apologize in advance for the abrupt cut-outs in the start and volume changes from time to time (sorry).

So, for those whom have not heard this in awhile, It's nice to hear again. If a first timer, I hope you like this little piece of Freestyle Fellowship and Pro-Blowed History (Mean Green, DJ-Kiilu, Etc).Also It's just Aceyalone and Mikah-9(Peace and Self-Jupiter are not there to grace unfortunately).

All I have to say is "The Future of Hip Hop is......"


Freestyle Fellowship:Live on the Panther Power Hour WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta,GA

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tape Files #1) Ellay Khule...Transmitting Live(Demo Recording)

This is the beginning of a number of segments I've been wanting to do for quite sometime and it's all cassette, dat or reel to reel recorded material.I've been converting allot of stuff so look forward to more of these one on one tracks. So I'm just going to go down the line and start with Ellay Khule(Project Blowed,C.V.E., etc)

I always thought he was a amazingly great emcee. Word play,rhymes,style,etc.All around versatile.So this is a demo version of "Transmitting Live". I know he re-recorded awhile back and this is the og version.If you don't mind static and listening to 4 gen. dubs and the Al Green Break that has been beaten to death by everyone....By all means, sit back and enjoy your number one rifleman.


Ellay Khule-Transmitting Live(Demo Recording)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sade Beat Suite (Charizma Remix)

Here's to another MC that passed before his time.

Charles Hicks a.k.a. Charizma
1973 - December 18, 1993

You'll always be missed. Peace.

Lynn Ness Sade Beat Suites

Battles I Lose None, I Make Crews Run

Lamont "Big L" Coleman, May 30, 1974 - Febuary 15, 1999
Most Valuable Poet, May He R.I.P.

Big L - MVP (12" match-up version)

Big L - Put It On (oh beat suite remix)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Something New..........

Was tooling around with this last night.
Just waiting for lyrics.
Let me know what you think.

Age : Hey..Oweeaahhh!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tinariwen: Aman Iman

I first learned of Tinariwen back in 2001 at Hear Music in the Stanford Shopping Center. It was a tiny, unassuming CD boutique where you could listen to all the titles they carried before purchasing. The atmosphere was mellow, and although space was a commodity there, the selection never suffered. I mainly went there to browse their extensive International catalogue, which ran deep with African and Middle Eastern artists. If I couldn't make it out to Amoeba, this was a nice alternative.

Tinariwen's first CD had just been released, and it was a collection of sessions recorded at Radio Tisdas Studios in Kidal, Mali. I was immediately transfixed by the CD's striking cover photo of the sahra (or, sahara in English) - guess it's just the Arab in me. Regardless of the connection though, I knew I had to investigate further. What I uncovered was beyond expectation and triggered instant face-melting. This is Touareg rebel music. A swirling wind of melodies from warmly-amplified electric guitars, snaking their way from sand to speaker atop an organic bed of percussion and handclaps. The vibe was familiar and inviting, with uncompromising emotion. Track after track continued to invoke something in me - unique from songs passed. And after just a few, I had been swept away to this place without even looking back.

Now, seven years later, and with two more milestones under their belt, Tinariwen has been receiving a healthy spoonful of much deserved praise. And even under the weight of fame which they've amounted thus far, Tinariwen's music refuses to faulter. Their latest release, Aman Iman, shows the group reaching a new pinnacle of refinement and mobility within their craft. The album opens up with the infectious Cler Achel, its rolling bassline, funky guitar, handclaps, and call and response-styled vocals coaxing movement out of the stiffest of bodies. All the while, frontman Ibrahim Ag Alhabib's effortless voice always seems to hit just the right notes, transcending the Tamashek language which he uses to deliver them in.

Thereafter, the album progresses seamlessly and naturally. From the introspective re-recording of Matadjem Yinmixan to the push-pull rhythm of the sparse and entrancing Soixante Trois.

The playlist moves along speedily but not hurried, and before you know it, the closing track of Izarharh Tenere is easing its way out of the stereo with its soothing vocal-acoustic guitar interplay. Throughout the entire duration of Aman Iman, Tinariwen shines not only as a group of brilliant musicians, but as artisans of the highest calibre. When I listen to their music, I envision a simpler life where business is done with a handshake, and friendship is
solidified with a glass of mint tea.

I like mine sweet, so keep the sugar coming, fellas. Until next time...

"Sahtayn!" (Enjoy!)

Cler Achel
Mano Dayak
Matadjem Yinmixan
Soixante Trois
Imidiwan Winakalin
Awa Didjen
Ikyadarh Dim
Tamatant Tilay
Izarharh Tenere

Matadjem Yinmixan (2001 Radio Tisdas Sessions version)

Visit the official site:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm just about to Introduce myself, My name is...

Guess an introduction would be appropriate.My name is Adrian. I go by "age".A name that has been stuck with me since I was a kid. I've been collecting records for too long and honestly, I get sick at looking at them.Still, I go out and buy them (no matter how much I complain).

Anyways, I put a mix out about 2 years ago and It was simply titled "audio". I did not intend it to be a mix, Just worked that way. Fast forward a year and some convincing from Nate Nothing and a couple of other folks, I ran a small number of them. About 75 to 100 copies(all hand made covers on nice paper and 10 copies with a hand made cardboard mailer canvas (all different).I only distributed 2 or 3 of them.The rest I held on to.

It's just 49 and 41 minutes worth of good music. This is a follow up to "audio". Also, for those who never got to listen to "audio", it's also included in this segment. Thanks again folks and Happy New Year.

Much peace and respect,

Age-Audio Mix

1) Silhouettes : Fonky First
2) Quinn Harris and The Masterminds : All In The Soul
3) Los Barbarians : Es Muy Facil
4) Arp Life : Bu-Bu
5) Andy Loore : Enfre Et Marijuana
6) Orquesta Hnos Flores : Estoy En Onda
7) Keith Roberts With Barbara Moore : Sort of Soul
8) Interlude : Are You Being Programmed?
9) John Cameron : Swamp Fever
10) Leon's Creation : Sightless
11) Larry Norman : Sigrid Jane
12) Interlude 2 : Double the Fun with Wade
13) Ulysses Crockett Magic : Resurgence
14) Dudley Moore : Bedazzled
15) La Crema : Cisco Kid
16) Geino Yamashirogumi : Ososrezan
17) Aposento Alto : Goodbye Old Friends

Age-Fragments Mix

1)An Intro that is 2 Minutes and 39 seconds long
2)Night Dreams Jam : Sigmund Snopek
3)Tower of Baradur : Puddleduck
4)Sweet Things Of Life : Project Soul
5)Bongo Lumbo : Thesda
6)Abaracadabara : Jorge De La Vega
7)Out In Space : Lady Margaret & Perry Smith
8)We Are Made As One Pt.1 : The Epics
9)Chitlin' Moe : Leroy Vinnegar
10)Du Soleil Camarade : Janko Nilovic
11)An Outro that is so many seconds long

Monday, January 21, 2008

Isaac Hayes Makes Love to Outkast

That's right, and it was sensual, too.

This Beat Suites proved to be a bit tougher than you might think. Even after having most of Isaac Hayes' records in my crates for years, I was surprised at how little selection there was when it came to finding loops and open elements.

Once I found the main piece for my contribution though, shit started to get a little easier, and I actually really enjoyed working on it from there on. If I remember correctly, everything except for the handclaps is from Isaac Hayes' discography. Hope you enjoy it.

Lynn Ness - Isaac Hayes Makes Love to Outkast


Friday, January 18, 2008

"Get with the program!"

That's what my cousin said to me after I told him this. Hopefully you'll see the logic in my frustration, however.

Let me give you a little back story. So usually for lunch (when at work), I go down to the local Cosentino's Market to grab a little hot food from the deli, some fruit, and a handful of chocolate covered English toffee caramels - which are my favorite, by the way. I try not to exceed $5.oo or so, and 99% of the time, I manage not to, while still getting a healthy, enjoyable lunch.

Well, not on this day... I get there and waste no time in navigating through the produce. I throw a couple tangerines in a bag, break off a ripe banana, toss some chocolates in another bag, and hit the deli with visions of a glass-shielded-culinary-wonderland. Would it be the orange chicken? Raviolis? Sauteed vegetables? Ricotta stuffed chicken breasts, perhaps? I don't know! So I fight my way through the crowd of mid-day, Bebe sweatsuit-clad Los Gatos housewives and right away, I can tell that the deli looks like it's a friggin' wasteland, without a soul in sight. This was not a good sign. I approach the glass only to confirm my grimmest of suspicions. The selection looks like a who's who of dishes you wouldn't even eat with your worst enemy's stomach. Burnt, crusty-ass fish I thought I smelled all the way in the produce department, some sorry-ass excuse for lamb stew, tougher-than-leather egg rolls, dried up, soggy, brown asparagus - I mean, it was baaaaaad. I knew I had to think of something fast. So I ditch the deli and make a run for the check stand with the fruit and chocolate I already have. Guess I'll walk over to Wendy's for a chicken sandwich of some sort. Just to get my protein, you know.

Upon arriving at the fast food chain, my initial thought is that if Cosentino's hadn't let me down, I would've been the only sucker in town not eating lunch at Wendy's, because the line spilled all the way out the door and into the god damn parking lot. It was absurd. But I made my bed, so I'll lay in it. At least I have plenty of time to get better acquainted with the menu. By the time I get to the girl behind the counter (Wendy, I presume?), I've made up my mind. I'll have the Chicken Club Sandwich, not to be confused with the Chicken Club Sandwich Combo. I place my order, and with a straight face, the girl looks at me and says my total is $4.88. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little out-of-the-loop when it comes to fast food prices. How could this be possible, I thought. That very same sandwich with fries and a drink is only $5.99. Yet the sandwich alone was $4.88? Surely, Wendy had hit the wrong button on her cash register. So I inquire about the price - much to the dismay of the shithead behind me, who apparently can't wait an extra five seconds to stuff his face - and she assures me that it was indeed the correct price; four dollars and eighty-eight cents. What could I do? I had to pay her! I mean, I could not pay her and look like a douche bag, which probably isn't such a new concept to me. But more importantly, I'd be leaving empty-handed after wasting all that time in line! Either way, it's a lose/lose situation for me at this point. So I decide to pay the woman and get on with my day.

Needless to say, the sandwich was less than mediocre, and to make it taste even shittier, I had well exceeded my $5.00 mark for the day.

Friggin' dooped again... Until next time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mange (Beat Suites related)

I don't know if my Mangione can hold a match to this artwork, but I definitely had fun making it (the song, that is).

I'll admit, I had my doubts, but ultimately ended up finding a couple gems worthy of flipping in this Chuck Mangione double-vinyl banger and gave it my all for about a week.

Keep your expectations low and hopefully you can muster up some enjoyment out of this. It's some lo-fi, dirty bedroom ish, nothing more, nothing less. Just beats and rhymes, rhymes and beats. But then again, that's the foundation, so I suppose there's something to be said for that.

Lynn Ness - Chuck Mangione Beat Suite


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Medina Beat Suites

Here's a rundown on the history of a friendly little creativity game. It all started on a trip to Berkeley and S.F. in Oct. 2005. There's a long running joke amongst us Medinians about how many copies of Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" we could spot and in fact how many copies are required to be in the used bins before a record store can actually open.

As we drove, an idea came up that one of us should buy a dollar-bin Mangione record and try to make something out of it. By the time we reached Berkeley, the idea had went through several phases and came to rest that each of us bought a different Mangione record which we exchanged at the end of the day. From that record you would then have to come up with some (hopefully dope) musical concoction within two weeks. The only rules being that most of the main body of the track would utilize the Mangione record in some way (drums and accents could come from anywhere) and that you couldn't play the track for anyone before the meeting date. At this point, we all considered this a one-off, just something funny to take the Mangione joke to the next level. When we finally converged two-weeks later to listen to each others compositions, we realized not only had it been fun, but the tracks turned out dope (esp. Edeeq and Kiko's) As it went, we started a monthly session which went on to include several other friends and range in artist selections from Sade to The Specials.

So, at the Beat Suites one year anniversary, the rules were relaxed so that each suite could use any combination of artists we had used throughout the year. The catch was you had to remix or use portions of the vocals from Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell" or Wu-Tang Clan "Cream" in the track. This was my contribution, an unfinished remix of "It Ain't Hard To Tell."