Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Extra Prolific

Snupe and Mike G's debut as Extra Prolific, "Like It Should Be", received a luke-warm welcome in 1994, most likely due to the fact that their sound did not entirely conform to what the hip-hop buying public had come to expect from members of Hieroglyphics. I really dug the album though, as Snupe's slick flow over the laid back production meshed well. When "2 for 15" was available online in 1996 (for about a month!), I snatched a copy and it still gets some serious play. Snupe's style and range as an emcee really came out on the album.

While it's a shame that it never got a proper release, Snupe went on to release two more tape-only drops, the album"Masterpiece" and the ep "From Block to Block", both in 1998. Neither match the level of "2 for 15", although each have tracks which Snupe shines on. The ep has Mike G sharing mic duties and features a guest appearance from Pep Love on "Hitting Corners." For your listening pleasure, here is "Security Please" from "Block to Block."


age said...

dope.been a minute since I've heard that :)

I see a collection of "notes" behind that tape Oh!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a copy of that EP... that's the only Extra Pro album I haven't fully heard. About a couple years ago I talked to Lee Majors (Snupe) and asked him if I could get him on a feature. He said he would do it under 1 condition... NO SWEARING. We never did it because I lagged.