Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awkward : When Gravity Fails (us release)

This is Matt Fryer. Known as "Awkward". Matt's a homie & fellow crew member (well, mastermind) of the Vertebrae Crew.

This is the cassette release that I passed out to people and put in some shops.The response on the tape was actually really overwhelming and had an excellent response(considering most pass on it, cause it's not from the states). I only made 30 to 50 copies of the tape (mainly passed to friends and folks at shows).It is composed of a couple releases he did back in the U.K.(Bristol) and some other non-released 4-track songs.He was nice enough to let me just re-dub these tracks I had on Mini-disc(Which I recovered awhile back, but the disc was "corrupted") Damn!!!!

I did not even have a personal copy till recently (Thanks Kye) I gave him the first tape out of the batch back then and was nice enough to give it back.

In an age where people really don't sample much anymore.It's pretty comforting to hear this tape again. There is power in this music. Rough ass drums, dirty ass samples and tough lyrics to compliment.

All production was the man himself except for the last track (and I apologize to Steve aka Sir Beans O.B.E.) That was my bad not to credit you on the cover back then.

I hope you enjoy it and here it is in it's entirety.

Awkward:When Gravity Fails (U.S. Release)

Track List,
5,000 Corpses
Midnight Sun
Human (Feat. Fono-Veins)
Loop & Fade
Last Breath (Robotman)
We Like Scratching (Feat. D-Swift)
So Anyways (Feat. Marshy & Fono Veins)
When Gravity Fails
Diss Feast
The Freestyle Song
Here 2 Interfere
Vertebrae Pt. 1 (Feat.Rola of Numskulls)
**Focus ('98) Feat. Sir Beans O.B.E.

Produced, Scratched & Rhymed by Awkward
(Except "**" By Sir Beans O.B.E.)