Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Mix : El Fantasmas Espejo Part. 1

Hey Again Folks:),

I just recently submitted this to a couple of sites and it has been getting allot of love and I just wanted to share it on here as well.

All the records on this mix(with the exception of the last track, which is Carlos Ramos and His Orq. Fuego) all were part of a really large collection that was given to me by a former radio dj here in my neck of the woods. I dedicate this and the next mix to him for his generosity and kindness. At his request, wants to remain anonymous.

So please enjoy the next hour or so of nice latin records. A mixed set of Balada,Soul Covers,Chicano Anthems,Salsa,Rock,Etc.Enjoy!

AGE-SNUFONE: El Fantasmas Espejo Part. 1

Jonny Chingas:Que Pasa
Grupo EKO:We Can Be Happy
Ray Barretto:New York Soul
Los Bondadosos:Chicana
Los Freddy’s:Me Tienes A Mi
Fiebre Amarilla:Pide
Johnny Canales Y Su Orq:Baby Let Me Kiss You
Los Flamers:Tu Me Hace Sentir Bien
Los Rondels:La La Te Amo
Sunny & The Sunliners:My Dream
Bel-Aire Band:No Puedo Esperar
Ralfi Pagan:OOO Baby Baby
Joe Bataan:The Prayer
J.P. Company:Gonzar Asi
Conjunto Santanita:Guajira
Los Monchis:Aguardiente
Julio Gutierrez:Last Tango In Paris
Apocalipsis:Un Secreto
Los Mexican Lovers:En Una Noche De Invierno
El Fin La Chrisitian Sound y David y Goliat
Carlos Ramos & His Orquesta Fuego:Tecato

Enjoy folks & again, thanks to y’all and the folks here at New Medina Music,Nerdtorious, Musica Del Alma, Soulstrut & Soulstrut Radio!!

Also A special thanks to my man Diego for the nice artwork above too!(thanks a ton homie! :) )

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Tapes from the Basement #?

Howdy again folks,

I know those that do follow, It's been a long ass minute on mine and(cough..) everyone else that contributes here on these page. But, we will be updating more and even maybe possibly...changing over?!?!?

Anyways..I have (or better saying.."was") converting allot of old material from the past and I have some stuff I had recently digitized. So for you enjoyment..please, enjoy the music of folks from around the way and as far as the UK. Local and beyond talent from here(bay area) to L.A. and the UK(even more beyond)

Peace and enjoy some unearthed material !

Much peace and respect,

1) Gyspy Cab: Intro/Ring(San Jose Represent!)

2) Homeliss Derelix-White Label Chronicals(aka Fradulant Demo)(Original Song Order too)M-Town folks!

3) Slant Eyes:F**k You(LA based folk)

4) Hobo Junction:Dirt Hustlin/Fatal Thoughts (tape single) (Oakland rep up!)

5) Sach:Seven Days To Engineer Tape (Pro Blowed & 1/2 of the Nonce Crew.R.I.P. Yusef!)

6) Yusef Afloat-Full Revolution Music (Tape)( The other 1/ 2 of The Nonce Crew, R.I.P.)

7) Underbombers(Sub-Contents)-3 song ep (plus bonus track rough of "Necro Manson") (San Jose legends Dave Dub, Persevere, Tape Master Steph & P.B.Wolf)

8) Bedouins-2nd Exodus(Tape Master Steph & Sub-Contents aff.)More S.J.!!

9) Bored Stiff: Explain'n LP (Bay Area Strong Arms and Hometown Heros!!!)

Hope ya liked it folks and will add more soon!