Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man..That new Raphael Saadiq joint

I really can't say much but, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!! Possibly one of the best releases I've heard in a long while. There is allot of re-vamped soul/funk coming out (mainly coined Gordy-Stax-Invictus influences) This is pretty true to that era(and there are quite a few era's he picks from too). That "Oh Girl" track has been on constant rotation. Has that Delfonics/Temptations vibe. Just solid and the production is excellent.Nice to hear songs that have actual feeling & influence from an era where love songs were songs! Ballads man,Ballads!!!!!Beautiful over-dubs of duets in the background, reminds me of later Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man" s/t.The harmonizing is to a tee & very well composed as a whole.

Allot of guest appearances including Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Joss Stone and plenty of other folks.

Have a peep and hope this is some incentive to go and purchase.

Much Peace and Respect,

Oh Girl

Never Give You Up (w/ Stevie Wonder)

100 Yard Dash

Staying In Love


That Jay-Z remix is pretty fresh too.
Oh Girl (Remix w/ Jay-Z)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tape Files #3) Hieroglyphics Crew

HA...The early days of the Hiero Imperium.I am not going to front.Back in those days(and still do), I used every bit of access I could to get new music.(and online was a good...and also bad way of getting new stuff).Almost every other week, I spent my weekends in The Bay(S.F.),East Bay(Oakland & Berkley) and Other surrounding cities looking for new music. Mainly found myself in the East Bay, Used to go to Leopold's,Rasputin's,Amoeba's and all the cats dirt hustling(Mainly in those days on Telegraph, you'd see all the Hobo,Psytoplasim and Mystic cats out there)and I'd spend most of my checks there and whatever(at the time) to the guys slanging their product, fun times.

Anyways, back to my main subject, Hiero..I had so many 3rd to 4th generation copies of all their unreleased material and It would bug me to hear that hiss.As much as I can stand the hiss and the low-fi, there comes a time, where you just want to hear the song(s), clearly. So hearing that they were rumored to release these recordings,I was just looking forward to when!!I got two copies when it came out.I recently got a sealed cassette from my homie Kye(again, word up homie!).They never came with any cover.Just a blank clear case, the tape said "Hiero Oldies" and a page typed with all the songs in order (who,what year,etc and a brief synopsis).I was just happy to hear "Cab Fare"(but it was not the version I had from back in the day, but a remixed and new version of it), "Can I Kill Em" and the "Souls of Mischief" self titled track (made famous from the ever so killer first Plan-B Skate video).Thanks again to the Hiero crew for putting these track out for all to enjoy and also thanks for putting that Atban Klan tape up for sale too(which is another post in the near future)

So I present to you, in it's entire form (from the tape) is, Hiero Oldies Vol #1. So sit back and listen to the whole 86:24 of it!


Hiero Oldies Vol #1

1)Cab Fare (95 Remix)
2)Me-O-Mi-O (Domino Remix)
4)Let It Ride
5)Can I Kill'em?
6)Souls Of Mischief
7)Where They At?
8)Crazy Del Song w/ Beyond the Cloak of Darkness
9)Weak Shit
10)Can U Feel It?
11)It Get's No Better
12)Our Secret
13)Untitled Del Song
14)Souls Of Mischief On WKCR,NY(STretch & Bobbito Show) 92'
15)Captain America
16)Batting Practice(Orig. Version)
17)Feeling The Flow
18)Whta Do You Say?
20)Reckless w/ Hush
21)Chaos & Turmoil