Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tape Files #1) Ellay Khule...Transmitting Live(Demo Recording)

This is the beginning of a number of segments I've been wanting to do for quite sometime and it's all cassette, dat or reel to reel recorded material.I've been converting allot of stuff so look forward to more of these one on one tracks. So I'm just going to go down the line and start with Ellay Khule(Project Blowed,C.V.E., etc)

I always thought he was a amazingly great emcee. Word play,rhymes,style,etc.All around versatile.So this is a demo version of "Transmitting Live". I know he re-recorded awhile back and this is the og version.If you don't mind static and listening to 4 gen. dubs and the Al Green Break that has been beaten to death by everyone....By all means, sit back and enjoy your number one rifleman.


Ellay Khule-Transmitting Live(Demo Recording)