Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Mix : El Fantasmas Espejo Part. 1

Hey Again Folks:),

I just recently submitted this to a couple of sites and it has been getting allot of love and I just wanted to share it on here as well.

All the records on this mix(with the exception of the last track, which is Carlos Ramos and His Orq. Fuego) all were part of a really large collection that was given to me by a former radio dj here in my neck of the woods. I dedicate this and the next mix to him for his generosity and kindness. At his request, wants to remain anonymous.

So please enjoy the next hour or so of nice latin records. A mixed set of Balada,Soul Covers,Chicano Anthems,Salsa,Rock,Etc.Enjoy!

AGE-SNUFONE: El Fantasmas Espejo Part. 1

Jonny Chingas:Que Pasa
Grupo EKO:We Can Be Happy
Ray Barretto:New York Soul
Los Bondadosos:Chicana
Los Freddy’s:Me Tienes A Mi
Fiebre Amarilla:Pide
Johnny Canales Y Su Orq:Baby Let Me Kiss You
Los Flamers:Tu Me Hace Sentir Bien
Los Rondels:La La Te Amo
Sunny & The Sunliners:My Dream
Bel-Aire Band:No Puedo Esperar
Ralfi Pagan:OOO Baby Baby
Joe Bataan:The Prayer
J.P. Company:Gonzar Asi
Conjunto Santanita:Guajira
Los Monchis:Aguardiente
Julio Gutierrez:Last Tango In Paris
Apocalipsis:Un Secreto
Los Mexican Lovers:En Una Noche De Invierno
El Fin La Chrisitian Sound y David y Goliat
Carlos Ramos & His Orquesta Fuego:Tecato

Enjoy folks & again, thanks to y’all and the folks here at New Medina Music,Nerdtorious, Musica Del Alma, Soulstrut & Soulstrut Radio!!

Also A special thanks to my man Diego for the nice artwork above too!(thanks a ton homie! :) )

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Tapes from the Basement #?

Howdy again folks,

I know those that do follow, It's been a long ass minute on mine and(cough..) everyone else that contributes here on these page. But, we will be updating more and even maybe possibly...changing over?!?!?

Anyways..I have (or better saying.."was") converting allot of old material from the past and I have some stuff I had recently digitized. So for you enjoyment..please, enjoy the music of folks from around the way and as far as the UK. Local and beyond talent from here(bay area) to L.A. and the UK(even more beyond)

Peace and enjoy some unearthed material !

Much peace and respect,

1) Gyspy Cab: Intro/Ring(San Jose Represent!)

2) Homeliss Derelix-White Label Chronicals(aka Fradulant Demo)(Original Song Order too)M-Town folks!

3) Slant Eyes:F**k You(LA based folk)

4) Hobo Junction:Dirt Hustlin/Fatal Thoughts (tape single) (Oakland rep up!)

5) Sach:Seven Days To Engineer Tape (Pro Blowed & 1/2 of the Nonce Crew.R.I.P. Yusef!)

6) Yusef Afloat-Full Revolution Music (Tape)( The other 1/ 2 of The Nonce Crew, R.I.P.)

7) Underbombers(Sub-Contents)-3 song ep (plus bonus track rough of "Necro Manson") (San Jose legends Dave Dub, Persevere, Tape Master Steph & P.B.Wolf)

8) Bedouins-2nd Exodus(Tape Master Steph & Sub-Contents aff.)More S.J.!!

9) Bored Stiff: Explain'n LP (Bay Area Strong Arms and Hometown Heros!!!)

Hope ya liked it folks and will add more soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Very Sad Day Indeed (M.Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

I had just got back from a bike ride and heard the bad news.Oddly enough yesterday, I had picked up a copy of Michael Jackson:Rock With You on a 12in single (white label promo, if you want specs.) But I had turned on the news and It stated that he had collapsed in his home in Los Angeles. I admit to being pretty teary eye about this and to me (and with the age difference amongst those today), I was pretty upset. To me growing up hearing The Jackson 5, the Ben S/T, and the rest of his solo recordings, had a pretty influential impact on me.

I knew I wanted to do music when I was a kid. He and several other (too many to mention), have now gone and past, but their music remains and their influence obviously show in today's eye. Allot of artists pay due and respects to such a man the defined such loyalty and such hard work toward his craft. Straight up, he was a genius and a amazing performer/ vocalist. Not too many can do what he did and have such a successful outcome as he had. He, was a diamond in the rough.

Though through the later part of his life drew much controversy, confusion & craziness. You can see that he was really not a happy person and did what he could do to make his life seem somewhat sane. You have to realize, he never really got to experience childhood like the rest of were to experience it and you can hear and see through the small amount of interviews he has done, he was just just trying to be like the rest of us (well, this is IMO). So, in a sense I do feel for the cat and it's sad to see someone this young go so quick.Yeah, he said some off the wall s**t and did some crazy stuff, But in all honesty, I think he was just really caught up in the moment and obviously was not thinking straight.

I know with allot of people, when it comes to certain issues like the ones surrounding him, you can't but help if he did or didn't do these things he was accused of. I honestly try to look past all that I, (just like the rest of the world that was affected by his music) heard something completely serene and just outright soulful. He really did bring something special to the table.

To a legend and to a musical genius, You will be missed in your psychical form, but your music still lives and we thank you for your influence. May you Rest In Peace.

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)
Michael Jackson:Rock With You

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jamie at The Drive In Connection

My first memory of Jamie is when I used to hit the thrift stores
and record shops. I'd always see him around. I could not tell if he was a fair skinned Latino or just some rockabilly dude(My hypothesis were incorrect for both). I remember he used to work at Music Plus(wow)/Wherehouse records
when it was on Prospect(on the same strip).I really can't talk too much shit, as I was (well...still am) a Bascom Avenue retail employee whore.

It was not till the final days of The Wherehouse, was how I got to know him. If it weren't for my brother Jade (store manager there at the time), we would have never met. I remember Jade saying, "You have to meet this guy Jamie. His music and film knowledge is incredible!!" Funny, I started to laugh when we were formerly acquainted. But with in minutes, we start talking about music,local stuff, movies etc.Jade's confirmation is beyond true and then some.

Jamie is a film and music aficionado. Never met anyone quite like him. He has this way of describing film and music like in such a way, it almost makes you melt. He truly does appreciate all aspects. Jamie in his time, runs "The Drive-In Connection". A world dedicated to Euro Cult, Spaghetti Westerns, Giallo/Thriller and More. Here is a rare look in to look of not only the world of film but, just the world of Mr. Jamie Edwards. I hope you enjoy this segment.

Adrian : A
Jamie : J

A:So just to let people know who you are, what you Introduction would be nice.

J: Hi, my name is Jamie and I'm a b-movie-a-holic(kidding, bad joke). OK, I'm Jamie and I have a rare movie site called The Drive-In Connection. I love old movies (and music), specially Italian movies from the 60's and 70's (Spaghetti Westerns, Euro Crime, Giallo, Spy, etc.). This has been one of my passions in life since I was a kid. You'll find all sorts of cool DVDs of this type of stuff on the site.

A:I remember one of the first topics we talked about growing up here in the South Bay, there was allot of talent that seemed to have come from these parts. One of the things was you telling me a story about you and Kut Master Kurt from way back.
Care to share?

J: Back around 86 I discovered Kurt's local radio show (on KUSP in Santa Cruz). Hip Hop didn't get huge radio play here back then so I was glad to hear stuff like Ultramagnetic being played. We became friends and hung out on the weekends. Kurt schooled me on breaks and samples and shared a ton of knowledge about records that I still use to this day.

A:What caught your attention toward not only this type of music and culture and also the type of films you have in your collection?

J: Since I was a kid, vintage stuff has always been what interests me. Old music, old movies, and old cars. I see something from the 50's-60's-70's and it just seems so much cooler to me. They did their stuff with style, I like the aesthetics of it all. I'm one of those 'they don't make it like they used to' type of people I guess. You had guys like Mario Bava and Sergio Leone turning out these crazy stylish and entertaining movies at that time, and to me, those guys are masters of their art.

A:Name a couple of records from you collection and give a brief description of these lps and why you like them so much?


1) Power Of Zeus - The Gospel According To Zeus: Monster Psych album with a monster break. One of my favorite (if not #1 favorite) albums. Aside from the break being one of the best, the whole album is awesome from beginning to end.

2) The Stark Reality - Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop: I like off beat things, so a kids album full of heavy fuzz and breaks is right up my alley. The vibes on this album have a one of a kind sound. "The first seven letters of the alphabet is all you need, to make music".

3) Goblin - Roller: IMHO the best Prog group ever. They are well known for their soundtracks to Dario Argento's movies, but I think this non-soundtrack album is their best work.

4) Brigitte Bardot - Special Bardot: What can I say, I love Brigitte. Then you throw in the musical genius of Serge Gainsbourg and that combination = one of my favorite records.

5) Spirit - The Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus: Spirit could do soft & beautiful or heavier stuff and they were equally great at either. "When I Touch You" is one of their heavy songs and it melts headphones.

A:What about movies?


1) Violent Rome - Maurizio Merli was the king of 70's Italian cop movies, and this is my favorite one. He plays a cop fed up with the system and watching criminals go free on technicalities. After his partner gets shot and paralyzed, he joins an underground vigilante group.

2) Cut Throats Nine - The most brutal Spaghetti Western ever. An Army Sergeant (along with his daughter) is transporting a group of violent convicts through the mountains during Winter. The chains they are locked up with are actually made of gold (painted to look like metal). During an ambush, their wagon is overturned and they are left to continue on foot. The men start to turn on each other while trying to gain power. Eyes are shot out, a guy is stabbed in the gut and hoisted on a hook, and all sorts of other various nastiness goes on. This movie doesn't pull any punches!

3) Superargo Vs. Diabolicus - Superargo is a masked wrestler/superhero. He has a bulletproof suit and a cool Jaguar XKE too. Superargo is called into action when an evil mastermind starts hijacking uranium shipments from his island lair.

4) The Etruscan Kills Again - Kind of a Giallo/Mummy movie hybrid. Alex Cord (from Airwolf!) plays an archaeologist who is unearthing an ancient Etruscan tomb. Soon after that, people involved with the dig start getting bumped off. Could it be the Etruscan has risen for his revenge?!

5) Death Steps In The Dark - Giallo about a photographer (Leonard Mann) who is framed for a murder. While he is traveling on a train with his model girlfriend, a woman in the same car is killed when the train goes into a dark tunnel. The passengers discover it was his letter opener used to stab the woman to death. He has to go on the run and figure out who framed him.

A:You have so many obscure titles! Is it along the same lines say, like a record collector? I would assume there has to be allot of networking involved in this?

J: Yeah, I always think of it as 'digging in the video crates'. The two are very similar. You have to do a lot of searching and educating yourself about rare titles. Sometimes it takes years to find something, I've got a few of my most wanted tapes this year that took me forever to find. And I have friends all over the world who keep an eye out and help me too (thanks to you guys, you know who you are).

A:So what made you get involved in the e-community by starting up this site, The Drive-In Connection. I would assume you have allot of emails in regards to certain films and just like anything else of any medium, trading involved?

J: Well, I was laid off my job, got sick, and then was hit in my car and that messed my back up. I figured I could put up the site and do something I love from home. I've always had really positive feedback from the customers and they've always been very nice folks to deal with. I'm glad when I can help them find something rare they've been searching for. People do send emails sometimes asking if I can help find something and I try my best. And sometimes I also get emails from people wanting to trade but I have to keep that at a minimum.

A:So you have any last words or advice for the public reading this?

J: Please visit the site and order a disc or ten! I try my best to give people quality at a low price. One thing I can tell you is you will get your orders quickly. 99% of the time orders go out the same day or next day (unless it's a large order, that can take a few days). It's been that way since the site first went up almost 3 years ago now. So please check it out, there's a lot of cool stuff there to peruse. Thanks Adrian for the interview and thanks to the readers for your time.

**For any additional information on how to contact Jamie and to order films or just to say "Hello" ,Please visit his site below.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bored Stiff: Explainin' LP

I love this crew.Possibly one of the main reasons what really got me to do what I do now (Well actually before, when they were a small collection of crews that were just running things, Three Shades, etc)

This record has gotten so much play and I really needed to just format it and stop listening to the record (record has seen better days)

Anyways, bay area strong arms at it's best, enough of me jabbering..listen!!

Bored Stiff: Explainin' LP

3)Change Of Mind
4)Peaceful Rotation '92
6)Down The Line
7)Thoughts On Music
A)Get Some
B)Perfect Opportunity
C)What's So Bad
10)Tell It like It Is
11)We Up

Much peace and respect,
Adrian (age)