Friday, September 5, 2008

Sounds of the Library : A small look and listen into the soundscapes of the public domain.

We'll probably agree that most library records (which I'm sure most of you know) are a good 80% maybe 90%, crap. But considering the main use for these records, it's was for commercial and public domain use so it's a feasible excuse. Also it was a good way for aspiring film producers,directors, advertisers or whoever to use for movies,PSA,Commercials,etc.Then, making it cheap and with out having to hire some one like John Williams, Lalo Schifrin, or random studio band, etc. All these "lame" songs served a purpose and more than likely, were all used. A small set fee for all..nice!

But this type of music will forever remain under as the "One Tracker" genre. One thing I find fascinating about this music that you have the major players like Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Nick Ingman, Janko Nilovic and countless of other composers, making this really well composed pieces of music. Tracks ranging from anywhere from 30 seconds to over 5 minutes.
It can be as lounge/exotic as Martin Denny, as soulful as E,W & F and as raw as Food(the psych group).

Below are some tracks I posted on the "Strut" to glorify and give justice to this genre. Love or Hate, these are some of my favorite tracks below.I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Much Peace and Respect,

(Note...I forgot to edit out the first 25 seconds of the Andy Loore track. But, it starts over again:)

Santany-Trama Nella Metropoli

The Heaven Blues-Sweet Mornings

Piero Umiliani-Suoni Della Citta

Janko Nilovic-Shaking Pop.

Clive Hicks-On The Wild Side

Sam Fonteyn-Freakout

David Lindup-Action Stations

Raymond Guiot-Basse Duetting

John Hawksworth-This Way Up

Bob Donovan-Luau Cookout


Andy Loore(a.k.a. Janko Nilovic)-Mixed Drums

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live Human

Live Human is a trio consisting of Albert Mathias on drums, Andrew Kushin on bass and DJ Quest on the scratch and samplers. I remember picking up their debut, Live Human feat. D.J. Quest (Cosmic Records) in 1997 and bugging out on how their sound was developed, yet very raw. It remains my favorite of all their work and every time I see a copy, I pick it up to hook a friend up. Live Human Live (Hip Hop Slam) is a very close second to the debut, in which the trio are caught on the last leg of a tour and turn in a performance which is pure fire. They also have two studio albums, Monostereosis and Elefish Jellyphant, and while both are very dope, the groups name really indicates how best to hear them. After seeing them live on a number of occasions, it's always refreshing that no two shows ever sounded identical. There's no question that Quest is a very underrated DJ/producer (along with his Bullet Proof brethren) who's skill mixed with bugged ideas always produce dope and unique results. Check 'em out!
Live Human Halloween 2006

Live Human - Lost in the Woods (Cosmic Records, 1997)