Friday, February 13, 2009

Bored Stiff: Explainin' LP

I love this crew.Possibly one of the main reasons what really got me to do what I do now (Well actually before, when they were a small collection of crews that were just running things, Three Shades, etc)

This record has gotten so much play and I really needed to just format it and stop listening to the record (record has seen better days)

Anyways, bay area strong arms at it's best, enough of me jabbering..listen!!

Bored Stiff: Explainin' LP

3)Change Of Mind
4)Peaceful Rotation '92
6)Down The Line
7)Thoughts On Music
A)Get Some
B)Perfect Opportunity
C)What's So Bad
10)Tell It like It Is
11)We Up

Much peace and respect,
Adrian (age)

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