Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tape Files #2)....Freestyle Fellowship

First Ellay Khule, now this!(Don't HATE!!!!)Oddly enough, was really surprised I still had this (though it was lost). Also on this tape some other Pro-Blowed Material I've never seen released or re-recorded(but that's another post). These cats were pretty much hands down one of my favorite crews. Very original as far as Concept, Structure & Style. You name it, they seemed always on top of it. This recording is actually from The WRFG 89.3 on your FM dial (Well..Atlanta, GA)
It's from the ever infamous "Panther Power Hour" Show.

It's an interview, But none that you've probably ever heard before. Q and A Style. Freestyle Fellowship, responds back rhyming. Questions ranging from their influences, B-Boy culture, The "L.A.Four" situation (The kids involved with beating Reginald Denny during the "Rodney King-L.A. Riots") and other various questions. This was recorded in 1993.

Pretty clever and apologize in advance for the abrupt cut-outs in the start and volume changes from time to time (sorry).

So, for those whom have not heard this in awhile, It's nice to hear again. If a first timer, I hope you like this little piece of Freestyle Fellowship and Pro-Blowed History (Mean Green, DJ-Kiilu, Etc).Also It's just Aceyalone and Mikah-9(Peace and Self-Jupiter are not there to grace unfortunately).

All I have to say is "The Future of Hip Hop is......"


Freestyle Fellowship:Live on the Panther Power Hour WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta,GA

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