Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm just about to Introduce myself, My name is...

Guess an introduction would be appropriate.My name is Adrian. I go by "age".A name that has been stuck with me since I was a kid. I've been collecting records for too long and honestly, I get sick at looking at them.Still, I go out and buy them (no matter how much I complain).

Anyways, I put a mix out about 2 years ago and It was simply titled "audio". I did not intend it to be a mix, Just worked that way. Fast forward a year and some convincing from Nate Nothing and a couple of other folks, I ran a small number of them. About 75 to 100 copies(all hand made covers on nice paper and 10 copies with a hand made cardboard mailer canvas (all different).I only distributed 2 or 3 of them.The rest I held on to.

It's just 49 and 41 minutes worth of good music. This is a follow up to "audio". Also, for those who never got to listen to "audio", it's also included in this segment. Thanks again folks and Happy New Year.

Much peace and respect,

Age-Audio Mix

1) Silhouettes : Fonky First
2) Quinn Harris and The Masterminds : All In The Soul
3) Los Barbarians : Es Muy Facil
4) Arp Life : Bu-Bu
5) Andy Loore : Enfre Et Marijuana
6) Orquesta Hnos Flores : Estoy En Onda
7) Keith Roberts With Barbara Moore : Sort of Soul
8) Interlude : Are You Being Programmed?
9) John Cameron : Swamp Fever
10) Leon's Creation : Sightless
11) Larry Norman : Sigrid Jane
12) Interlude 2 : Double the Fun with Wade
13) Ulysses Crockett Magic : Resurgence
14) Dudley Moore : Bedazzled
15) La Crema : Cisco Kid
16) Geino Yamashirogumi : Ososrezan
17) Aposento Alto : Goodbye Old Friends

Age-Fragments Mix

1)An Intro that is 2 Minutes and 39 seconds long
2)Night Dreams Jam : Sigmund Snopek
3)Tower of Baradur : Puddleduck
4)Sweet Things Of Life : Project Soul
5)Bongo Lumbo : Thesda
6)Abaracadabara : Jorge De La Vega
7)Out In Space : Lady Margaret & Perry Smith
8)We Are Made As One Pt.1 : The Epics
9)Chitlin' Moe : Leroy Vinnegar
10)Du Soleil Camarade : Janko Nilovic
11)An Outro that is so many seconds long


davidma. said...

Finally! Been waiting for this since "Audio". Talk soon homie!

Gully said...

Really dope mixes these are making my Sunday perfect... G-pek

ulysses crockett said...

From: Ulysses Crockett

Thank you for inculding our transverse label recording in your wonderful music mix. For listener information phil marsh of berkeley, ca plays bass; tom ralston of oakland, ca plays drums; wiley trass of oakland plays tamboriine; john miller plays hohner and farfisa keyboards; james ivey of oakland plays congas, howard folster plays cowbell; ulysses crockett of emeryville, ca plays vibraphone. keep up the great music.

luis said...
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