Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mange (Beat Suites related)

I don't know if my Mangione can hold a match to this artwork, but I definitely had fun making it (the song, that is).

I'll admit, I had my doubts, but ultimately ended up finding a couple gems worthy of flipping in this Chuck Mangione double-vinyl banger and gave it my all for about a week.

Keep your expectations low and hopefully you can muster up some enjoyment out of this. It's some lo-fi, dirty bedroom ish, nothing more, nothing less. Just beats and rhymes, rhymes and beats. But then again, that's the foundation, so I suppose there's something to be said for that.

Lynn Ness - Chuck Mangione Beat Suite



oh said...

so dope. gotta get Kiko to put his up as well. Plus, haven't heard the Outkast remix in a minute. Cut dope ain't as dope as that cut. Peace brother!

davidma. said...

Diggin' the beat Deekers! I really like the horns that are highlighted a little bit after the halfway mark. Real smooth. Hope all is well my man.- David Ma